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Bahco Ergo síðubítitong

Two-component ERGO™ handles: thermoplastic surface on tough polypropylene provides superior grip Side cutting pliers developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process Suitable for cutting Cu, Fe+ and piano wire Distance from joint to centre of cutting edges is reduced for greater leverage and increased cutting capacity Equipped with a patented return spring featuring an on/off function High-performance alloy steel Phosphate finish, anti-corrosion treated
kr. 420,00
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Klimas útiskrúva 6x70mm (200)
Klimas skrúvir 6x70mm (200)
kr. 1,45
Klimas útiskrúva 6x80mm (200)
Klimas skrúvir 6x80mm (200)
kr. 3,00
Klimas útiskrúva 6x90mm (100)
Klimas skrúvir 6x90mm (100)
kr. 2,20
Klimas útiskrúva 6x100mm (100)
Klimas skrúvir 6x100mm (100)
kr. 2,55
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Vís allar vørur
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